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Responsibility for Travelers

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I had several blogs earlier. From a very ugly WordPress to a photo blog on Tumblr. I created all those blogs for one single reason: share my travel experiences.

But it just didn’t work for so long. Well, I always tried to have reasons (mostly for myself). Too busy, out somewhere, no connectivity, lost passwords, it’s a very long list.

So what I’m doing here?

Trying, again. I’m a person who keeps saying that every traveler is a lucky person. They get chance, money, time, to see more of an island, a country, the world, which I believe not all people could get the same opportunity. It makes all of them, traveler, has a responsibility. A responsibility to share what they see, feel, taste, experience when they’re out somewhere. What does it feel like when eating the famous egg tart in Lord Stew Macau, or standing in front of Eiffel tower, or watch the spectacular sunset in Makassar, or do “silly” things in Makati City Redlight District.

I’m not a big world traveler. But I’ve been to some destinations and see many many things that make me want to travel more and more. And I do have responsibility and desire to share those. To make you see, feel, taste, experience whatever things I did, even just on your laptop. Until you’re ready to hit the road yourself.

Not all people get chances to travel and see the world. Your story does matter.

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A nyong Maluku. I've visited 34 provinces in Indonesia. And it is amazing. See the beauty of Indonesia on my instagram page. Full time social ninja at @wego.

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